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America's southern border remains open, allowing drugs to flow into our communities, endangering our families. President Biden and Marcy Kaptur have had decades together to solve these problems, but here we are - no solutions and they refuse to talk about the crisis. 

We can do better and it starts with securing the border, standing with law enforcement, and treating criminals like criminals. We can protect our families and neighborhoods, but we need leadership who will take action. 

I am ready to lead and make America safe. 

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Steve Energy (1).png
Steve Energy (1).png


We were energy independent, but the current administration and their allies in Congress have made it harder for American energy producers, forcing us to buy from our foreign adversaries. We can reduce costs, stop sending money oversees, and make America more secure by empowering our producers. 

In Congress, you can expect me to be a supporter of American energy, the cleanest and most reliable source in the world. 

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I am a business owner, private sector leader who understands what it means to sign both sides of a paycheck. Right now, Congress has too many people who have been career politicians, seeking their next ob at the detriment to the American tax payer. 

It's time we send more small business owners and proven job creators to congress. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and revitalize Ohio's economy. 

We can do all of this while reining in government spending and working towards a balanced budget. 

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Steve Government (4).png
Steve Government (4).png


Government is part of almost every aspect of our lives and it doesn't need to be. As Americans, we have allowed the federal government to become bloated and out-of-control

We the people deserve to have our freedoms protected and government that works for us. In Congress, you can count on me to shrink government, put people first, and protect our God given liberties. 

I support term limits and a universal ban on stock trading by members of Congress. They are there to serve, not become rich off the backs of hardworking Americans. 



The America we know is being altered by radicals in both parties. We can do better, to protect our American way of life and ensure future generations enjoy the same freedoms we do today. 

From empowering parents in the classroom to protecting kids from harm, Congress can do so much to restore common sense. But we need people there who have common sense and share our values in order to get back on track. 

I am running for Congress because I see the challenges and as a parent, job creator, and freedom loving American - I'm ready to stand up to the career politicians in both parties. 

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Farmers are always taking the brunt of the attacks from government and there is no one more affected by inflation than the generational farmers in middle America. 

In Congress, farmers and those working on Ag can count of me to be their tireless champion as they work to feed America. Cutting costs, regulations, and red tape so they can continue doing what they do best. 

The Midwest is the best place to live in the world and we can keep it that way with the right people in office. 

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